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West Yorkshire and Harrogate Sustainability and Transformation Plan

The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Sustainability and Transformation plan is the strategy for how we are going to transform health services in the region. We have four priorities:

  • Prevention and early intervention -  Programmes focused on locally relevant challenges with most areas prioritising areas such as obesity, smoking, cardiology, respiratory, mental wellbeing and frail elderly.
  • Primary and community care -  Increasing access to primary care in hours and out of hours through primary care at scale and new models of care in the community. A new compact with the voluntary and community sector. Commitment to implement the GP and Mental Health Forward Views. Managing demand for acute services.
  • Supported self-care -  Evidence based, person-centred approaches, which support people to take greater control and management of long-term health conditions. Training of the workforce to facilitate this elevated level of independence.
  • Joined up services  - A variety of models and options for integrating services to make them more efficient and better aligned to the delivery of people’s health and wellbeing outcomes and person centred care.

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