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The Leeds Improvement Method

How this work links with our corporate strategy

Our aim is for The Leeds Improvement Method to underpin all of our work across the Trust. The diagram below shows how our vision, values and goals link together to enable us to provide the best possible care for our patients. All of this work is underpinned by the Leeds Improvement Method, spreading a consistent approach to continuous improvement.

LIM Pyramid


Here at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust we have been successful in being selected as one of the five Trusts to take part in the NHS Improvement Partnership working with NHS Improvement and the world-renowned Virginia Mason Institute in Seattle.

The Virginia Mason Institute is known for helping healthcare organisations around the world create and sustain a ‘lean’ culture of continuous improvement. This programme is about ensuring we continue to provide the highest quality care for our patients whilst reducing inefficiencies and getting the best value for public money.

Virginia Mason is currently regarded as one of the most efficient and effective healthcare providers in the world, having developed a unique methodology for applying lean principles in a healthcare setting. The concept and principles of the underpinning Toyota Production System complement much of the work we have already undertake in the Trust over the last two years to develop The Leeds Way, our values, behaviours and culture.

This five year programme will enable us to take our work to the next level by learning from the experiences of clinical staff at Virginia Mason and empowering our own clinical teams to adopt the relevant parts of this to ensure we have continuous quality improvement across our organisation and we think differently about how we deliver services. This is what is known as the Leeds Improvement Method. This will enable us to not only be more efficient with all of our resources but also provide an improved experience and better outcomes for our patients.

Other trusts taking part in this programme include:

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Our Programmes of Work (Value Streams)

We have agreed four programmes of work known as Value Streams where we are starting to use The Leeds Improvement Method as a way to improve the services we provide. Within each of these Value Streams we will be reviewing a number of pieces of work using an approach called Rapid Process Improvement Workshop.

Value Stream 1 - Elective Orthopaedics


Value Stream 2 - TURPS

This Value Stream is looking at how we ensure patients move through this pathway of care achieving a timely discharge in a consistent and safe way. It is also focusing on ensuring clear roles and responsibilities for staff and that patients are well informed about their care.

This work is in the early stages and this area will be updated when information is available.

Value Stream 3 - Critical Care Flow

This Value Stream is looking at ways to improve the process of discharging patients from critical care to a neurosurgery ward.

The scope of the project runs from the moment the decision to step down the care of a patient in critical care is formalised until the time the patient is settled onto the neurosurgery ward.

The aim is to make the flow more efficient, improve the timeliness of step down  and give patients a better experience.

Value Stream 4 - Opthalmology Outpatients

Value Stream 4 is an exciting joint project now underway across the Outpatients and Head & Neck Clinical Service Units.

This project aims to improve the experience for ophthalmology patients and colleagues through improving processes and developing closer ways of working.

A Sponsorship Development Session took place in early December 2016 where there was some fantastic clinical and administrative engagement and real enthusiasm to improve processes for patients and make the best use of staff time and expertise. There was a great buzz about this opportunity for in-depth work to develop improvements to the patient pathway.

Five key areas for detailed improvement work were jointly identified and agreed as a result of the session. These areas will be looked at in turn. They are:

  • The initial nursing review
  • How we schedule our patients
  • How we set-up the clinic rooms
  • What the patient waiting experience is like
  • How we  can improve the environment.
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